How To Achieve

So now that the intentions have been clearly set, how Shall we go about achieving or attempting to achieve this goal. Who knows How close our food or even living costs could can get to zero. I fully understand and live by the rule that my time is money, but for the sake of this project only money is money.

There will be a few basic ideas and principals adhered to, but there will be no rules. The plan is to farm, forage, barter and even scavenge to provide for my family. It is safe to say that groceries will still be purchased during the attempts to reach the goal. I will blog all of my grocery bills with the hopes of first learning average costs, then later seeing those drastically drop.

To begin this journey I have armed myself with some useful literature , and the knowledge not used will none the less be informative and interesting.
Here are the books I am currently reading or have recently finished.

This one is just to make us all better people


This book and this woman are both amazing!