My name is Betty, I am a mother of two, a wife, a tattoo artist and a resident of a beautiful gulf island in BC. I recently relocated from an island close to Vancouver that is a more suburban community, to an island further north that offers a more affordable and rural lifestyle. To be able to live in a rural community while still affording the costs of a modern west coast lifestyle I will need to keep my job in Vancouver, commute and work away from my family. While I love my job and hope to do guest spots there every so often for ever, doing so once or more a month for a week at a time is not ideal. As it stands to maintain a certain lifestyle with luxuries such as organic foods, or high end vegan cheeses and events such as Burning Man my commute will have to stay, at least for now.

Which is how I came to the idea for this blog.

The premise of this project is to take my family’s expensive food bill and over the course of two years get it as close to zero as possible while still being green and what I consider to be cruelty free. I believe that by doing this this I will be doing the planet a huge favour steering clear of agriculture in all its mutated and destructive forms. My family and I will benefit in many ways while allowing us to reconnect to our food source and in turn to each other.
So this is the story of how I freed my family
(in this blog the term freed is a portmanteau of the words free and feed meaning to feed for free)