Grow food from your scraps, it’s time to sow!

Now that the beds are in place it is time to get some seeds started inside.  I collected some cardboard egg containers to use as seed starts. 

This was so I don’t have to disturb the roots of the plant during transplant as I will plant the cardboard and all.

I sifted some dirt from my compost to ensure I had the most nutrient rich soil .

Then I filled the egg cartons with the dirt and began to plant and label the containers.

For the tomatoes I used Saran Wrap to create a humid green house setting.

Then I placed all the new starts in the window to sprout.

In just under a week I had a bunch of sprouts starting.


Something else I have been reading about and researching is the ability to regrow foods. Apparently you can regrow foods from the bits you would normally toss away. Here’s how:


Cut the bottom off of the onion about a cm up from the rooting side .Place root side down in water and wait for growth of green spikes, usually about a week or so.


When spike has grown to a few inches tall and roots have formed move it into dirt in a pot or into your garden. Cover roots and remaining onion in soil and water regularly.



Cut whole celery a few inches from rooting end and place In Water, keep moist and watch for sprouting from the center.


After a couple of weeks you will see some stalks have formed, plant in soil or directly into your garden and water regularly, harvests in about 4-5 months.


Romaine Lettuce

Follow the same directions as the celery. My romaine started off well but now has seemed to have stopped growing and is perhaps even dying back.


That is no reason to not try again!. Just cut off the bottom and place in water when it roots transplant to soil.

Green Onions.

Cut onions an inch or two from the rooting bottoms. 

Place root end upright In Water with cut end exposed to air
These grow unimaginably fast and can be harvested once a week and continually regrow like magic!


There are many that are listed but I have only begun to try the ones I have mentioned thus far. Here is a list of other vegetables that I haven’t tried, but you should and can with very little research or effort.

Carrots and turnips 

(I’m excited to try this one!)

Cut your root vegetable about an inch from the root end place cut side down in water and wait for green shoots and roots then plant in soil.


Place cutting of leaf and stem in water wait for roots then plant in soil


Follow same directions as cilantro 


Suspend the cut top with the green spikes bits out of water and cut part down. Keep warm and in sunlight, change the water daily an keep full. The roots should start in about a week. When the roots have appeared just transplant to dirt and grow In warm and bright area (good as a houseplant in temperate areas)


 Suspend pit 1/2 in water wait for growth then transplant to soil 


Remove one clove place in soil water regularly 


Cut out eyes of potatoes dry out and plant in soil 


Suspend 1/2 of yam in water wait for roots and shoots then transplant to soil.

Let me know if you try these or have more and how it turns out!


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