Barter my way to mushroom education. 

This has been a good week. I tattooed a local Islander and made $125 which I then gave directly to having another local deliver soil for my empty raised beds. I was quoted $250 for 3 cubic yards. That really doesn’t sound like much dirt but I went for it anyway. David  came the next day to deliver it. He gave me $20 off because he liked my blog, score!. He left the large pile in my driveway and I recruited my kids for the afternoon. Together we shoveled it into the wheelbarrow and moved and dumped it into the beds. Well actually we dumped it in one of the beds as we seemed to run out before we could move on. So now I need to come up with the means to fill the rest.

Discouraged and now broke I came inside and started surfing craigslist where found a local seven part mushroom mycology course starting this weekend. I got super excited. I have never met a mushroom I didn’t like and have already been researching them on my own, using apps, books, the Internet and the guidance of my peers. Unfortunately the course is $350 and I just spent any money I had on soil. I decided to write to them and express how much I want to be a part of the course and offer any of my skills in barter. Michael returned my email and gave me his info to call him. I called and we worked out a deal, he wasn’t interested in tattoos per say but was interested in having an assistant during his workshops!. I am so excited. I paid him $100 and have agreed to help him how he needs throughout the courses, meaning I get to learn all about something I am so passionate about, while learning how to forage free food for my family!. Thanks universe, I love you!.
Here is a page from my book of medicines wild crafting foraging, and life hacks that I am making.


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