Get into my bed

I can feel the air getting warmer by the day. In the mornings I can no longer see my breath, the kiss of winter leaves no more patterns on my windows.
This weekend I decided it’s time for a kill mulch and to construct the beginnings of the raised vegetable beds. I gathered old logs, driftwood, tires and bricks to make the edges of the beds, and used the cardboard from the moving boxes to line the bottoms as a kill mulch.

A kill mulch is used as a way to stop the growth of unwanted grass and plants already in the soil where you are starting your new garden beds.

In a couple of hours I had the gardens all plotted and ready for soil. Just as we were wrapping up a neighbor rode by on his bicycle. He promptly turned around as if to come by and say hello, but instead came and told me how I had put the beds on to his property , that I had misread the property lines and that I would have to move them. Although I wanted to be upset the mistake was in fact my own and we told him we would move them the next day.
The next day, in the pouring rain, as a family Trevor, Braeden, JJ and I moved all the beds To a location safely on our own land, We are now ready for soil and a fence. 

Photo credit Kari O’Brien


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