What Makes Me Hot?

I am going to focus this blog on food costs mostly, but living costs are important to address also. My family moved into this new house on this new island only one and a half weeks ago. The new house has a woodstove, something I am super excited about, but already we have spent $300 on wood. My husband Trevor chopped what small amounts we brought with us when we first arrived and whatever fallen logs we found on the property, but this is not nearly enough to heat the house full time. Immediately we find ourselves buying wood from the locals.

While exploring Pinterest for d.i.y life hacks I came across a process for turning all your left over paper products into fire logs. All I needed was two five gallon buckets one perforated with drilled holes, lots of paper products, a piece of wood cut in a circle to act as a press and water.



-You place the perforated bucket inside the solid one and fill it with all your torn up paper recycling, you can also add twigs and leaves if you like.


-When it is as crammed full as you can get it fill it with water and leave it for a few days until mushy.

-Then find something you can use to mulch up your concoction. We used a large electric drill outfitted with a paint stirrer. And mulch the concoction until the consistency of a smoothie.

-lift the perforated bucket full of mushy paper out of  the solid bucket and allow to drain.

-Save and reuse the first water for the same purpose or water your garden or compost with it.

-Outside place the perforated bucket on the ground and put the circle Press on top of the mush and use the other bucket as a seat for you while you use your weight to compress the paper mush as much as you can.

-When you have got as much water as you can out of your now compressed pulp, pop out the puck and set it somewhere to fully dry for as long as needed then burn!

I found the log burned hot for about an hour. Free firewood!!


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