A Seedy Lesson


Last week I was lucky enough to attend my first Seedy Saturday. Well, let’s be fair, I’ve had more than my fair share of seedy Saturday’s but never of this nature. This seedy Saturday actually involves seeds and happens in full daylight in the downtown centre of our sleepy town. With hopes of diversifying my collection I gathered up my own seeds, consisting mostly of squash organically grown by my friends on the Sunshine Coast and headed to see if I could make some trades.
This event was spectacular. Locals had set up with their seeds, starts, and even mushroom mycelium for sale and others had travelled from different communities to join in the festivities. In the middle of the room I found a trade table. I met a lovely lady named Heidi who had envelopes to put your seeds to trade in, a sign up sheet, and a general plethora of information. This is where I learned something.
Heidi asked me about my seeds, I told her proudly how I had saved them from the squash my friends grew and gave me on a tattoo trade this year. She then asked if they were done properly. I said “I imagine so, they were organic, all different sorts and were delicious and I had all the seeds dried and separated by type”. I was then informed that to properly save squash seeds the different varieties of squash need to be grown at least one whole kilometre away from each other to prevent cross pollination. Which although exciting, creating new species is apparently not desirable.
This meant they probably couldn’t use the seeds.
I suppose the look of utter defeat on my face made Heidi take pity on me. She said to label the seeds after the squash they came from but specify that they may be mystery squash, she then gave me two packets of pole beans and some tips on how to grow them. I left my seeds to be redistributed and went to the other side of the table to help myself to a packet of basil, some parsnips and some cilantro and some lentils. Mission complete. Oh and now I get to grow  Frankensquash!.



One thought on “A Seedy Lesson

  1. So jealous! After 16 years, Nelson has decided THIS is the year to end Seedy Saturdays! Gunna be a lot of Disgruntled hippies out here. So I’m organizing a plant swap instead.

    Also, love the Seedy Saturday play on words. Cheeky, and true! x


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